Everything I Used to Like Changed For the Worse and Everything I've Always Hated Stayed the Same

by Pokey

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Yer Old Dad
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Yer Old Dad Intricate to the point punk/skramz for ya. It doesn't get better than this! Favorite track: Tequila Dreams.
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Thanks to: Kaleb, Sean, Seth, Walter, Wes, Will, Madison, Adam, B-Rad, Jason, Justin, Evan, Billy, Kyle, John, Coleman, everyone else.


released October 10, 2013

Sean - Drums
Amos - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Kaleb - Shaker, Engineer
Walter - Vocals
Gang vocals in the thanks

Artwork by Kyle (Toyboat4u)



all rights reserved


Pokey Fort Collins, Colorado

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Track Name: Introduction
This is not real life
This is art
This is not art
This is real life
This is not music
It's just a bunch of screamin' shit
Track Name: Wake Me Up When Zepptember Ends
Tear down the walls of this opera house
This place is much too crowded for this conversation
Are the plains still wide?

Begat bocephus, repeats of premiers
Eating forever from the left hand
Standing up, standing erect

I don't know why I thought that I needed this

And here I stand, rifle poised and a tear in my beer. And
smoke in my eyes.
November on my mind.
Track Name: Austrian Rancid
You do not know me, nobody knows me
I do not know me, who the fuck am I?
I do not know you, nobody knows you
Who the fuck are you? Show yourself to me.

I am all you want and needed,
if you scorn me you'll regret it.
If you smile when you approach me
I'll be pleased and I'll reward you

If you won't be mine forever you're wasting my time and money
Track Name: Leghorn
Freedom isn't everything it's cracked up to be.
Without direction I just don't know what to do.
I'm just floating through life for no reason and with no purpose.
I cast off myself, finding comfort in submission

Not a care or worry in the world
Nothing's in my hands
I can't drop the ball

Give me a sign, just to prove me right,
but even if you don't I'll still be just as sure.
Guide my hand. Without you I don't know what I'd be capable of

Better safe than sorry
Track Name: Kreg Wholesome

I remember when this was fun.
I remember when this wasn't a competition.
I remember when this was fun.
I remember from when I dreamed about it.

Down the alley
They're waiting
with a bag of gold
Track Name: That's a Lotta Lovin', Charlie
Freedom is a sacred thing, this moment's all I need
Fuck the far-off future, I can't see that far.
I meditate with boredom I alleviate with weed
This is not a moral, this is only me

This is all I need, I am everything, salvation in me

If I had a diary it would be filled with things
you wouldn't want to read. You wouldn't understand
We're monsters under beds. We're cats stuck in trees.
We're slaves to our doubts and no one's fucking free

This is all I need, I am everything, salvation in me
Track Name: Neal Handsome
If I see you
in the alley
I will gut you
I can't stand it
I will change you're attitude
Don't make me regret being so nice

If you see me
in the alley
you will gut me
I can't stand it
I can't change my attitude
I always regret being so nice

(You'll be alright)

So there I was, using Dimebag Darrol as a human shield.
But no one seemed to notice, or care
because Kerry King was alive and doing his thing
Track Name: Raab Rumble
His hands grow cold as Holy water fills his lungs
I cry for help, but the men in the lifeboats speak in tongues
His hands grow cold as Holy water fills his lungs
I cry for help, but help never comes

Angels surround us to drag the corpse away
leaving me alone with no way to get home

(I sit and wait, my hopes invested in a search party that never comes, and was likely never dispatched. No one cares for me and I hate everyone. I realize I'm as happy here as anywhere, a scarecrow doing crucifiction yoga. I hope no one ruins my solitude.)
Track Name: Tequila Dreams
It seems like everyone I know speaks a different language than me
I can't tell a soul the things that occupy my brain from day to day
No one would relate
and with blank stares they'd think I'm crazy.
Maybe I'm crazy but I'm tired of explaining myself.

I cannot explain the lack of participation
I cannot explain the lack of comminication
I cannot explain the lack of precipitation
I cannot explain

I cannot explain anything
Track Name: Outroduction
Thanks 4 teh listen ;)